Press Releases


Start Spreading the Word With Press Releases

There are lots of things that happen at your business or medical practice every month that are of interest to your prospects.

News items can also help bolster credibility and spread awareness. But who has time to put together a compelling press release, find a target media distribution list, and send out your news? Conversion Buddha!

People are very interested in receiving factual news items about what you do, but it can be hard to get in front of the right audience with all the distribution opportunities that are available online. We’ll help find the perfect audience for your business and get your name out there in front of your prospects.

What should you send out press releases about? Here are just a few ideas:

  • New products or services
  • Upgraded capabilities
  • Business partnerships that benefit your customers
  • Customer suggestions that made a difference in how your company operates

Prospects need to know when something is new at your business!
Keep us posted about what is happening, we’ll write press releases for you, and distribute them online.

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