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Your Website Can Be The Start of a Beautiful Relationship

You’ve done all the work to generate leads, but what happens when somebody actually clicks through to your website? Does it immediately provide the information they need, or does it drive them away before you even have a chance to explain what you do? Most people decide in a surprisingly short period of time – mere seconds – whether they are going to stick around and learn more about what you offer.

Even the most qualified lead can be turned off by a bad website. We’ll make sure visitors like what they see on your site, stick around to learn more, and then reach out to contact you.

Conversion Buddha knows exactly where people are clicking on your site. With this information, we then improve your website each month to convert more prospects into customers or patients. Of crucial importance today is the mobile responsiveness of your website. Most visitors will drop by using a mobile device – if you’re not mobile friendly, they will move on to a site that is.

Web Design

We are continuously improving our website designs so they will generate the most response for our clients. Our coders are all based in the United States, so they are comfortable working and designing sites in the English language.



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